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  • Utilization of metallic fibers in textiles 

    Borazan, İsmail; Üzümcü, Memik Bünyamin; Kaplan, Müslüm (International Congress of Innovative Textiles, 2019)
    Some metal-based fibers should be used in order to provide the technical textiles with desired properties. Therefore, the use of such materials in textile products have been increased with the developing technology. Silver ...
  • Wild silk fibers: Types, properties and utilization areas 

    Üzümcü, Memik Bünyamin; Borazan, İsmail; Kaplan, Müslüm (Namık Kemal Üniversitesi, 2019)
    As being one of the most important textile fibers, silk has drawn attention of specialists for a long time. Fiber’s extraordinary features, due to its structure, are the reasons for this. This animal fiber, commonly known ...