Recent Submissions

  • Computation methods of discharge in compound channels 

    Gemici, Ercan; Gemici, Betül Tuba (International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 2018)
    Water which is one of the basic requirements for continuation life occasionally causes floods that threaten the living life. The floods which are after cloudburst in the summer months or with snow melt at the end of winter ...
  • Liquid sloshing damping in an accelerated tank using a novel slot-baffle design 

    Demirel, Ender; Aral, Mustafa M. (Water, 2018)
    A slot-baffle design used in water treatment tanks previously developed by the authors is used to suppress sloshing effects in an accelerated tank. This new application is another example of the versatility of the slot-baffle ...
  • Optimal energy recovery fromwater distribution systems using smart operation scheduling 

    Telci, İlker T.; Aral, Mustafa M. (Water, 2018)
    Micro hydropower generators (micro turbines), are used to recover excess energy from hydraulic systems and these applications have important potential in renewable energy production. One of the most viable environments for ...